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Why do I need Representation?

We believe the success and strength of a company rest in the willingness and the effort placed on collaborative work. With this in mind, in addition to standard business practices, companies focusing on consolidating relationships with their partners, build stronger long-term relationships and reach a higher level of sustainable growth.  


The role of a Business Representative Consultant is essential to facilitate a long term business relationship and collaboration between companies seeking to grow internationally. The Business Representative is responsible for developing the company’s international corporate identity, communicating the company's vision, creating the best possible conditions for project implementation, and facilitating the process for internationalization.


Global Trade, Inc. opens new opportunities for our clients, by developing trusting relationships with partner organizations, and setting up the foundation for business development and growth.  This corporate approach widens business opportunities opening doors to the commercialization of goods and services, establishing a solid business presence in the expanding markets, and setting up a platform for our clients' sustainable business relationships.  


Preparing our clients for their internationalization is essential to position them for growth.  At Global Trade, Inc, we coach our clients and connect them with their international commercial partners, while developing a three-phase system of mutual collaboration, to enrich their experience in their internationalization process. 

1. Assessment: Our clients share their vision and their needs, and together we develop

    a roadmap for their specific internationalization process.  

2. Project Development: Having identified the path for internationalization, with our

    client's input, we design and develop each stage of their internationalization


3. Implementation: Once the project has been developed, we walk with our clients

    through the implementation of each phase of their internationalization process. 

Soft Landing 

A controlled launch into a new market will incur various costs and risks.  The purpose of Soft Landing is to gradually facilitate the internationalization process, and to carry on a series of calculated investments, to still maintain the attention on the company of origin. 

Businesses seeking to expand internationally, need to understand the various degrees of complexity and risk an expansion entails. Soft Landing facilitates the expansion process, as it is possible to research and test the market, position the brand, and gradually develop operations as the subsidiary grows. 

Through Soft Landing, a business can take a calculated growth risk, by utilizing a qualified Business Representative, with the necessary resources to solidly position the business in the market. Additionally, the experience of this Business Representative in launching companies in markets such as the US facilitates the process of internationalization and decreases the level of risk for business owners. 

Global Impact Projects 

Our multidisciplinary team has initiated the development of international impact projects in the United States and in Latin America. 

Our areas of interest include innovation, technology, renewable energy, investments amongst others. 

As we get involved in these types of projects, we can penetrate various markets aiming to connect countries and development opportunities.  These projects generate sustainable and real societal and economical changes in the countries involved.

Through International impact projects,  we are injecting a fresh vision of progress, involving socially responsible strategies, and sustainability. 

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